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    Buying a home is a rite of passage. The American Dream. But it’s also a huge investment—one that merits real research and a trusted partner. That’s where we come in.

    While this is your first time buying a home, our agents do this every day. So they can walk you through the process. Provide the most accurate numbers and talk through what they mean. And, most importantly, offer real-world insight and advice based on years of local market experience. It’s that level of knowledge that will leave you 100% confident in your decision to buy. Find an agent


    First time homebuyer? Keep these tips in mind.

    Down Payment Isn’t Everything- Set aside 1-3% of your purchase price to cover unexpected fees and expenses

    Plan Ahead- Specialists recommend holding at least six mortgage payments in the bank in case of emergency

    DIY to Save- Based on the inspection, you may want to buy the home as-is for a lower cost and then tackle projects later on your own timeline and budget