Inspections & Disclosures

    img-inspectionMake the most of your home inspection

    You know an inspection is inevitable, so it’s to your advantage to be proactive and work with our agents ahead of time. Since they experience inspections with every client, they’re familiar with local codes and can cue you in to simple projects to complete before the inspection happens. That lets you make important updates on your timeline—well before negotiations begin.

    And once the inspection happens? We can help negotiate the price of your home based on the outcome and can write an Inspection Contingency Clause into the contract if needed.

    Our agents are here to help…

    Know Regulations

    We can help you navigate different states inspection processes.

    Make Referrals

    We’ll recommend a reputable inspector for your home.

    Interpret Results

    We’ll review the results together.

    Close the Deal

    We’ll help determine if an Inspection Contingency Clause is needed in your contract.

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